Grolleau Grolleau, builder of sustainable solutions

From 1950 to Today
From metal casing
to the connected cabinet
Founded in 1950, Groulleau quickly become reputed as a specialist in energy distribution metal casings. Acclaimed for its product reliability and quality, Groulleau innovates and ingrates its cabinet components and, more recently, has developed connected cabinets. This continuous improvement approach gives us a prime position on the French market.
Armoire électrique - Grolleau
Coffret électrique - Grolleau
Cabinets manufactured in 70 years
+ 500 000
Innovation and anticipation
Grolleau’s DNA
Grolleau has looked to the future since its founding, and has accompanied all the technological developments of recent decades. Digital television, fibre optics, GSM, 4G, soon 5G for telecom but also charging stations for electric vehicles for green mobility, and finally connected cabinets for the Smart City.
Message from the Chairman
Your needs are varied, our areas of expertise multiple. Our solutions address the urban, telecom, green energy and industrial sectors. With an approach centred on innovation, our commitment is to satisfy you on a long-term basis, through robust solutions and effective collaboration combining expertise, flexibility, agility and performance.
Laurent Marbach
Partnerships at the service of innovation
Looking to the future, very early on Grolleau became interested in the IOT. In 2017, it created a range of connected urban cabinets and, in 2019, took stakes in SNOC, a designer and manufacturer of supervised data sensors, and TechnoCity, a design office focused on urban mobility. With them, Grolleau develops ever more innovative products adapted to new uses.
Techno City
Subsidiary of the Active’ Invest Group
In 2010, Active’ Invest took over Grolleau. With 500 employees and a turnover of €70M, Active’ Invest designs and manufacturers smart solutions for cities via its subsidiaries ARTS Energy and Grolleau. ARTS Energy batteries are integrated into Grolleau cabinets, which supply energy to various devices within the Smart City.