Grolleau Innovative energy distribution solutions

« Contributing to a future that respects both people and the environment with outdoor energy solutions recognised as essential in our markets. »
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Turnover (2022)
Working for transformation by innovating to build the city of tomorrow Smart City
Smart City
Grolleau, des innovations pour le monde de demain
Grolleau for the future
Innovations for the world of tomorrow
Grolleau innovates for and with its customers: a commitment and proximity that are its raison d’être. Our innovations with our design office are co-constructed or imagined for our customer’s future needs. New, disruptive services to assist our customers even further.
Grolleau in 2025
Grolleau started a major performance programme, called CAP 2025. Our objective: to reach 50 million euros in turnover for our 2025 financial year. To successfully carry out this programme, we are digitising the company and our products, promoting collaborative work and showing initiative in order to perform for the benefit of our customers. Service activities will be developed, our products more heavily exported, new references launched and our presence on the Smart City and Telecom markets will be strongly accentuated, positioning us as a key player. A real technological and organisational change built on a solid base: that of an industrial and flexible company with an SME spirit.
Laurent Marbach
Propose solutions adapted to your uses for more competitiveness
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CSR approach
An integrated societal policy
Grolleau’s CSR approach is multiple: from employee well-being to professional integration, including sustainable development, training and even a low carbon footprint. Material investments, process and partnerships are all oriented towards a responsible approach to business in ethical, social and societal terms.
Grolleau’s objectives
Quality of work life
Respect for the environment