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Grolleau imagines and develops the solutions of tomorrow. Our 20-people strong design office works everyday to make our customer’s ideas a reality. We develop new products and services through an approach of active responsiveness and consideration of customer needs. Grolleau regularly expands its teams with new skills so as to always innovate further.
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R&D investment
10 %
Research & Development
A design office:
Added value creator
Grolleau is committed to a process of continuous improvement that places innovation at the heart of its activities. 10% of its design office resources are allocated to the development of innovative products, thereby anticipating future developments. In order to go even further, Grolleau has teamed up with two IOT specialist partners, thereby expanding its expertise for the benefit of its customers.
I have just joined Grolleau to support the development of its products in terms of IOT. I was pleasantly surprised by this company which, despite its growing size, has kept a family spirit thanks to its perpetual dynamism and its quest for innovation as well. There has been a digital and ecological transition in our various markets. I was recruited to support this logic. With our connected solutions, we ensure our customers better understand the use of their cabinets and the products they operate, and ultimately, use them better.
Aurélien Boissy
IOT Engineer
IOT at Grolleau
your smart territory

The Internet of Things (IOT), which offers real time data delivery, ensures more efficient decision-making and management.

This is the key to the territory attractiveness.

Based on LoRa technology, OneCity is a solution combining energy conservation and consumption as well as long service-life and low cost for the benefit of local authorities, their citizens and entrepreneurs.

OneCity masters, from design to management, the chain of skills needed to create smart territories.