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Stock exchange listing
70 years of history and innovation

For 70 years, Grolleau has successfully supported technological change…with secure “outdoor” equipment to house and protect the critical technologies necessary for the deployment and operation of smart territories.

En 2021, in order to support an ambitious grown objective, Grolleau was successfully listed on the Euronext Growth market:

  • €50M turnover in 2025-26
with Grolleau
Reasons to invest
  1. A leading French industrial stakeholder in Smart Territory, partner of major Tier 1 companies
  2. An organisation structured and sized for future growth
  3. Lead markets with solid prospects in France and abroad
  4. Solid financial ambitions for 2025-26
For 70 years, we have been developing a unique know-how that has been solidified in the excellence of the technological equipment that we design and manufacture. One of Grolleau’s characteristics is to have always been able to evolve with its ecosystem. In addition, as we are currently going through a stage of growth, we are looking to change scale so as to establish ourselves in buoyant markets on a long-term basis with very strong growth prospects. Now is the time to support a key French industrial player in Smart Territories!
Grolleau Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Shareholding of the Group as of 31 December 2021

Active’Invest: Director of the Company, a company represented and controlled by Mr Gilles ROLAND

Laurent MARBACH: Grolleau Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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