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Employee well-being
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Our internal policy is guided by listening to the needs and expectations of our employees so as to ensure our teams’ optimal well-being. We can proudly claim that Grolleau is a good place to work thanks to our successful team building, low absenteeism and staff turnover. A favourable climate that is reflected in the solutions we offer.
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Thanks to its beginnings as a family business, Grolleau has retained team solidarity and closeness. These key points of corporate culture instil a positive dynamic at all levels: agility in customer service, effective collaboration, appreciated work atmosphere. Our team loyalty attests to this positive social climate: the average seniority is 10 years.
I have been with Grolleau for 23 years. I feel good here and I have been able to evolve. Hired as an operator, I then made prototypes in collaboration with the design office and the Support Department. Since 2012, I have been a team leader, a position for which I have benefited from several training courses. At 43, I hope to able to pursue a career at Grolleau.
Jack Sauvaitre
Team leader
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Supply Chain, studies, support functions, sheet metal work/stamping/bending or electricity… our professions are varied. By placing skills development and training at the heart of our action, we offer all our employees opportunities for development. To support both them and our growth, we recruit new profiles every year, particularly for operator positions.